Crazy Excuses For Bad Credit Scores

Not everybody is an author or can explain themselves very well. That inability affected these people’s ability to get credit or to buy a home.” TOP 10 MONEY TIPS YOU SHOULDN’T IGNORE By law, lenders can base their lending decisions only on an applicant’s credit, job stability, income and (for mortgages) the amount of cash they have to make down-payments or pay closing costs. But life events like divorce, having to pay child support or having suffered a foreclosure can have a bearing on those variables and need to be explained.
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The bad business of payday loans

RECOMMENDED: Monitor Frontier Markets Free Trial. Intelligent analysis on events in frontier/emerging countries. To see evidence of this, look no further than the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, which began with mortgage loans to unqualified borrowers and ended in mass foreclosures and the widespread destruction of wealth. While click in that case banks and mortgage originators were able to offload most of their risk onto quasi-governmental agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac , there is no such safety net for deposit advance loans. It is also worth noting that the investment banks that bought the bad mortgages in order to securitize them and sell them to outside investors profited at first but eventually took massive losses when the loans went bad and the insurers who had backstopped them could not pay up. The moral of the story is that whenever lenders fail to assess true risk or actually compound that risk through onerous terms, the results are bound to be bad.
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Bad Credit Can Cost You a Job.

When midlife career switchers ask me for advice on how to succeed, I say, get a fitness program. You need to be: Physically fit provides the strength and mental sharpness to deal with stress, especially when changing jobs, or making big decisions. It sounds superficial, but an in-shape and energetic appearance is a bonus in the work world for those in late youth, as Anne Lamott calls the boomer stage of life. Spiritually fit mind-body balance helps you calmly roll with the punches, and teaches you to quietly listen to the inner voice that can guide your decisions.
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